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As of 12-27-21 we have been acquired by Forklift Express and will continue to provide the best Value in equipment maintenance and services through their leadership and service drive.

Forklift Express's goal is to provide quality repair services and equipment sales for the material handling industry, offering a full array of services to be a "Valued Partner" for your business. We will look for the best solution for repairs or by offering the right equipment options to rent or purchase. 
Industrial Maintenance Specialties is capable of repairing practically every material handling equipment issue in your warehouse. ​IMS technicians are trained on facility equipment with years of experience. You will benefit from their understanding by receiving a thorough recap of repair needs with a comprehensive range of options. We will provide the right manpower to meet time and budget guidelines. Our shared goal is to maintain your confidence providing operator safety and equipment reliability.

Equipment Sales

F.E sells reconditioned forklifts with warranty. Prior to purchase, lifts will be inspection to verify all actions work properly and are adjusted to factor setting with normal wear as expected for year, model and hours.

Equipment Rentals

F.E. offers many different type of equipment rentals.We have all types of forklifts, pallet jacks, scissor lifts and boom lifts available. Just give us a call with your needs and we'll go to work for you.​​​
Services & Parts
The goal at F.E. is to provide repair services necessary to the manufacturing and distrubution  warehousing  operations with full array of available services with a "value" orientated approach to maintenance.​
Mission Statement: Providing Outstanding Quality and Value with Exceptional Service & Intergrity to the Warehouse Industry"
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