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Forklift Services:


Industrial Maintenance Specialties offers many different forklift services including Preventative maintenance, forklift repair, overhaul and reconditioning, plus, OSHA- Forklift Certification Training Classes. Our Forklift Certification Training Classes our taught by our own certified forklift trained instructor. Preventative maintenance and repair are mostly done on your work site, however serious repairs are brought back to IMS for repairs, overhaul and reconditioning.

Preventative Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance rates are less than our standard labor rate.  We take the extra time to thoroughly check out the whole system (56 Points) in order to ensure that everything is running properly.  This greatly reduces the possibility of your forklifts being non-functional and causes you unnecessary down time.

Service vans are stocked with common parts and we can generally save you the cost of a follow up service call and travel charge by fixing all the small problems at the time of your scheduled prevenative maintenance. This way there is no down time at peak production times. 

Forklift Repair

​IMS will repair your machine up to running standards and fix the reported problems. All repairs will require preapproval before service along with your company contact and general information. IMS provides a 90 day warranty for parts and labor for the approved repair. Additionaly, if the repair can not be fixed on site, we can pick up your lift and offer a rental lift during repairs. Every IMS technician has years of experienced and first hand repair knowledge of common and uncommon repairs,  be assured that you will be getting the fastest repairs available.



Overhaul and Recondition

Forklift Certification Training  Classes

1-5 Associates              $500.00 Inclusive 

6-10 Associates*           $35.00 Additional 

Train-the-Trainer**        $250.00 Two Employees
  *Charge Per Associate   **Ask your IMS Trainer

When PM's and repairs are fixing operational issuses but your equipment still has less than acceptable performance, IMS can recondition/overhaul the moving parts back to standard. Motors, transmissions, batteries, seats, hoses, chains and tires can be fixed along with a new paint job. (IMS will suggest when it might not be in your best financial interest to maintain a lift.) 

IMS will also purchase lifts when you have outgrown their performance provided the unit can be repaired for another company's operational needs.


We help you with fulfilling the classroom and practical training requirements of OSHA 1910.178(I).

There will be 2 sections to each class:
1. DVD - Classroom:   We will allow a maximum of 10 associates per class or you can choose to split into 2 classes with no more than 5 associates per class. This will take approximately 45 – 60 minuets per each class.

2. Practical Training:   This will include evaluating each operator in their workplace with the type of equipment used in their facility. This will be done individually to ensure the associate has the necessary operating skills under actual workplace conditions.


Electric Pallet Jack, Order Pickers, Electric Sit-down, Electric Stand-ups, Electric Reach, IC Forklifts, Propane Sit-down

Covers the following forklift training topics:
*Forklift basics (types, rear steering, turning radius, combined center of gravity and the stability triangle, load center and controls)
*Inspecting your forklift

*Picking, traveling with, and placing a load       *Parking a forklift
*Working in a truck, trailer or railcar                  *Charging and refueling
*Maintenance and modification                         *Specialized units and attachments
*Hazardous locations and forklift types             *Lifting employee

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