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IMS offers a range of fork lifts, scissor lifts, scrubbers, and sweepers to maintain operations. Dalily, weekly and monthly rates  are available.  Indicate the weight, height requirement, warehouse surface and either LP or electric. Plus, indicate the hours operated per day you will be operating the lift. Lifts can be equipped with reach and side shift controls as well as other attachments to fine tune your rental.
Your IMS representative can assist you with the proper selection.

Scissor Lifts

includes local delivery <15 miles

over 15 miles add $100 for pu/del combo

                                 20’  platform hight      

                                 26’  platform hight        


Day Rate













Material Handling Equipment (Forklifts) are Also Available   **Call For Pricing**

​          PALLET TRUCKS                      REACH TRUCKS                    LP/GAS Trucks

          SIT DOWN 3 WHEEL                SIT DOWN 4 WHEEL              CUSHION/PNEUMATIC

          STAND UP 3 WHEEL                STOCKPICKER

Freight Charges​
Freight charges will vary upon distance between our facility and the delivery point.​

Rental Conditions
Rates quoted are for truck battery and charger for 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, and 160 hours per month. Rates include maintenance but do not include daily operator checks (i.e. battery water levels). Rates DO NOT include misuse and/or abuse. Customer will be responsible for misuse and/or abuse, taxes, and insurance. Basic rates do not include special accessories, equipment, or attachments. Customer is responsible for charger hook up and disconnect. Customer is responsible for refill of LP tanks. Customer is responsible for all cost of fuel. Pneumatic tires are customer’s responsibility.  There will be a 25% rate mark up on all cold or freezer environments. Partial months can not be prorated.​

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